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When should I start talking another language to her child?

When should I start talking another language to her child?

As soon as possible when it is still in your belly,
 if your husband feels comfortable to talk to him, 
otherwise when it is born, every time he speaks to him. 
Earlier we take the habit, 
the more it becomes natural for the baby,
 but also for Dad ... and Mom.

A bilingual child has everything?

Yes, in the early months, as monolingual children. Except that it appropriates words in French and in another language simultaneously. He did not need to translate since learned both languages ​​at the same time. Finally, for him, the same object can be said in two different ways: one way Mom and Dad in the way. And as the child born is able to reproduce all the sounds as he hears, he will have no accent, or in a language or the other. A lucky ...

Can a child be disturbed to hear two languages?

Not at all! Not only because children are naturally high adaptability (adopted children learn a new language in a very short time), but in addition to this scheme, provided it does not change too much, it will serve as benchmarks: hear and understand two languages ​​become his standard.

What language should be preferred in the bilingual child?

Both! And always giving marks: her daddy always speaks in English, his mother French. You do not change your habits either. The key is to always adopt the same attitude vis-à-vis your child as well as for other learning, we should not confuse the codes, otherwise you may inadvertently create a blockage in your little one.

My child will he learn to talk later?

Not necessarily, but it can happen. Anyway, the first language learned is often emotional or language that he hears most often. This is why the child learns more easily when both languages ​​simultaneously mom is foreign, a fortiori when she spends more time with him. But in the case of a foreign father in a French environment, we often notice that the child first speaks French because he does not feel different.

Encourage a bilingual child

By offering alternative sources of English than his dad. They are not missing the DVD and the choice of language is often quite large. Enjoy a trip to England to bring him nursery rhymes CD, or books that his dad could read him. And do not neglect his family in Britain: he calls his regular route or grandparents. Made even one stone by taking a babysitter of the same nationality ...

A bilingual child will he have dual culture?

Undoubtedly provided the awareness from an early age to the other countries. And it is through language, but also by making him talk, to attend regularly or to familiarize them with the food. Do not hesitate to show her photos to reminisce. And as children love stories, use you to awaken his curiosity: the Queen of England, the hunt ... And do not forget: have two cultures, it is an enrichment and not a constraint.

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