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Back to School: Tips for a balanced sleep for your kids

Back to School: Tips for a balanced sleep for your kids

Of the most important preparations to return to school, is a habitual and discipline sleep pattern organization and limited.

Fake sleep known since ancient times, they are no less about the importance of food and drink in our lives. Although mystery still surrounds most of the results of studies on the subject of sleep, but recent research shows that sleep is essential, not only to the process of growth and development of the brain in early childhood, but throughout childhood and even in adults. It has been shown that damage to the quality of sleep, even if slightly, carries many consequences, most notably:

Disorders in focus and education.
Behavioral disorders and disorders in social behaviors.
Mood disorders and increased risk of depression, aggressive and others.
Difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and risk of obesity.
Increased risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease and other in the later stages of life.
Imbalance in growth.
The study showed, among the many studies that come to similar conclusions, that children who slept a sufficient number of hours (more than 7 - 8 hours per night) received at a higher rate marks a full standard deviation, compared to children of the same age group who enjoy similar highly intelligent, social and economic situation is similar, etc., but they slept less than 6 hours a night.

Despite the clarity of the importance of sleep, but that many children of school age have difficulty in sleeping, which can be a source of friction for more than a few between the parents and the child, especially during the school year (where he did not escape from waking up early). In view of this, proposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) some means which can be used to help the children to enjoy high-quality Phnom enough hours:

1. Regular sleeping timeliness - and perhaps this is the most important advice. The many studies proved that going to sleep the sleep schedules regular, than with objective criteria, such as the number of hours of sleep or personal need to sleep. In order to be truly effective this method, it is important to maintain a regular schedule for sleeping, even at the weekend. This advice may be difficult to implement when it comes to older children (especially during adolescence), but it's important to realize how important sleep attendance at regular intervals, which ultimately lead to reducing the total number of hours of sleep required.

2. Bedtime routine - attendance to do routine things before going to sleep, especially in young children. Has confirmed many of the research saying our ancestors: exposure to many of the stimulus sensory before bedtime, such as watching TV in a half hours last preceding sleep, listening to the rhythmic music and loud, play actively, jogging, etc., without prejudice to the ability to going to sleep and adversely affect the quality of sleep . The reason for this alarm to the secretion of hormones (such as adrenaline, etc.). In all cases, you must accustom a child to do activities sedative before going to sleep, such as reading, listening to the story, and do other things routine (eg, bathing, brushing teeth, etc.) - these all contribute greatly to sleep faster and prevent friction unnecessary, especially if regular sleeping timeliness.

3. Do not deprive your children of the things that gives them a feeling of safety, but not waiver of Khaladeh to sleep - I do not mind to take the child with him, "security tools" will be linked by a close, when he went to sleep (blanket, toy, doll, etc.), that let light dimmed etc ... But on the other hand, no waiver of your child lie down in bed, in a quiet atmosphere, so that did not feel sleepy at all.

4. If the child Inadekm much, tried to Ttiloa of time your response to him, gradually (so your making him the opportunity to sleep alone), and do the work the minimum which should you have to do in order to indicate to him that you Ttoajdon at home (if it's possible, do not enter into his bedroom). In all cases, they try to avoid flying a lengthy stay in his room, playing or talking in the time allotted for sleep.

Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea is increasing, also in children, where the incidence of such cases in children up to 2% today. The following symptoms indicate injury obstructive apnea النومي: strong snoring, which lasts for a long time, trouble concentrating, difficulty staying awake during the daytime hours and sleepiness despite sleep for long hours. In the event of the emergence of these symptoms, it is preferable to go to the pediatrician immediately, and which, in turn, direct you to a doctor who specializes sleep disorders or doctor nose, ear and throat. In such cases, there are a lot of approved diagnostic tools, such as imaging the upper respiratory tract (to diagnose health problems, such as polyps and other disorders in the air flow), examined in a sleep laboratory and examination and lung function. In some cases, surgical treatment and in others can use physical therapy or special equipment to breathe.

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