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Explain the arrival of a baby to your kid

Explain the arrival of a baby to your kid

Not always easy to get big brother or sister and admit the arrival of a newcomer to the family. The announcement of the pregnancy the baby's arrival, here are some tips that hosts the best little brother (or his little sister!).

Good time to talk

We did not announce her pregnancy to a kid the same way as his family or friends. Find the perfect time to talk with him is not necessarily obvious, and highly dependent on its age. Indeed, a young kid has mastered the concept of bad weather, so useless to announce the arrival of a baby prematurely. In contrast, associated with an event that has meaning for him may be more effective: for example tell him that the baby will be here after Christmas, or when it will again in the summer and it will beautiful outside. But it is also best not to wait too long to talk to him. kids are very receptive and it could develop a sense of anxiety about the changes that will inevitably occur.

Words to say

Again, what you choose to tell your kid depends largely on their age and level of understanding. But whatever you say, choose a quiet time and explain things very simply. Pregnancy is a very abstract concept for a kid, a baby grows in the womb of the mother did not have much to do with a real baby. But speak of him as a real little person, he could deal with that and he can play is a way to anchor it in reality.

Arousing curiosity

You can also draw your kids attention on the arrival of the newborn by choosing appropriate stories. Children, especially when they are small, have less difficulty understanding things they can relate to reality. If some of his friends have a little brother or sister, or are about to have, talk with him. Rubbing a baby can already familiar with the idea of ​​welcoming a new member to the family. A member who is likely to take place and monopolize the attention of his parents.

Anticipate the feeling of abandonment

Each kid reacts differently to the announcement of an unborn baby. It can be happy, or otherwise completely irrelevant. Do not formalize it, your kid needs time. However, it will quickly understand that his daily will be upset by the arrival of this newcomer, who is already parents to prepare a new room for example. While it may feel neglected or abandoned. And this feeling will only strengthen when the baby arrives. This is why it is important to reassure and explain, simply, what changes will intervene in his life.

Prevent jealousy

Your kid will soon understand that it will be the center of your attention, you have less time to give him and he will have you "share" with the baby. Then it may be that it develops a feeling of jealousy towards the "intruder" who steals her mom. Again reassure him and tell him that you do not like it less than before, and do not lose any opportunity to spend time alone with him. Similarly, it may regress and adopt new behavior baby (he cries, crawls on all fours again asks bottles, made in his pants ...). Explain then the new role he will hold: the big brother or big sister, and tell her that you are proud of him. It will feel valued.

Soothe his fears

If he has trouble understanding what it means to have a baby growing in her womb, your kid will not fail to notice the physical changes you experience. A mother often tired, which is discomfort, changes shape and mood for no apparent reason ... That's what a kid seriously worried. Explain what happens to you so that he understands that this is normal. And enjoy as to say that will take care of him when you leave the maternity example.

Do participate in the preparations

If you plan to change its direct environment, for example by giving his bed to the new baby, do it well before birth, so that your eldest did not feel the baby he "steals" his bed. Instead make this transition an exciting time for him. Involved in the preparations for the baby's room can help to manage this phase destabilizing. Let decorate the room, store small toys or clothes for the baby. This will reinforce your complicity, but will also help to find her new place and her new role: that of olde

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