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How to succeed my baby's room?


It is water-based paint, you need, because it is non-toxic.
Take the washable because you'll quickly small fingerprints on the walls!
There are odorless and dries quickly.

Obviously, do not repaint the room yourself: exercise, arms in the air, is not recommended for pregnant women.

Wallpaper, stencils and friezes

If you want to give fancy room, wallpaper,
 stencils, stickers or strips are for you!

It is also a good way to personalize the room of a boy or a girl.

If you like friezes, put them in rather high,
 in order to preserve future strokes.

For wallpapers, looking good because
 there are now washable.

the floor

The floor is easy to clean and does not retain dust
. It therefore limits the risk of allergies.
 Highly resistant to wear and is very aesthetic.
It can not see any flaws!
If you want to brighten, add a rug.
Our tip: put a pine floors, inexpensive,
 and then paint it the color of your choice.


Prefer a natural anti-dust mite and treated 
to reduce the risk of allergies.

Its advantages: it is thick,
 soft and comfortable.
Disadvantages: its rapid wear
 and its propensity to keep dust.

If you opt for this coating, 
vacuum frequently and attention ... also tasks!

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