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The fruit baby food

The fruit baby food

The fruits are foods introduced during the second diversification in food baby. They have many nutritional benefits for the child. But which to choose? How to prepare? Advice.

The introduction of fruit and vegetables in meals baby
 will optimize its intake of vitamins C and E and beta-carotene
 or pro-vitamin A. It is best to start with vegetables,
and wait at least 2 weeks to integrate the fruit
. If the opposite is done, baby may prefer fruits because
 of their sweet taste, and eschew vegetables.

At what age are introduced fruit?

Ideally we introduce the fruit to 6 months, and never before 4 months of age.
The tendency is to delay diversification, prevention of food allergies.
Throughout the introductions, your pediatrician will guide you.

*5-6 months and 7 months.

Maintaining a portion of fruit of about 100 to 130 g twice daily. We begin to offer baby raw fruit: ripe, peeled and crushed.
Gradually introducing new fruits, always one by one: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant, orange, clementine.
We can integrate about 50 ml of fruit juice in the morning: freshly squeezed house, pure juice radius fresh juice or special infants. Ensure that the baby digests well. Attention, even if baby Quench, it does not replace the bottles of water (or milk) with fruit juice bottles.

*Between 9 months and 1 year.

It maintains fruit 2 times a day, we can begin to offer them in pieces or slices.
Ration of fruit juice increased to 100 ml.

*Between 1 and 3 years.

Baby can eat all fruits.
It is best to wait 18 months to introduce potentially allergenic fruit: exotic fruits, kiwi, mango, papaya, guava, fruit and "shell", walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds (mixed use these fruits, powder, not whole ).

Homemade fruit or small pots?

Can switch between the two, it is better to educate the taste, not used baby one type of preparation. When home cooking, you can use fresh or frozen unsweetened. They are steamed, and avoids the sugar. To address them before 1 year is preferred natural vanilla, after 1 year, you can use other spices like cinnamon. You can have confidence in compotes, purees, desserts and fruit juices for children under 3 years old, highly regulated: no preservatives, coloring, artificial flavor, with levels of pesticides and nitrates very low. They are deliberately not sweet (except to correct the acidity of certain fruits). Fruit juices have vitamin C warranty, they exist in small packages convenient, 12.5, 20, or 50 cl.
Home cooked fruits and infant products started to retain maximum 48 hours in the refrigerator.

What if my child is allergic (or if there are food allergies in the family)?
Expected one year of age or 18 months to introduce exotic fruits and fruit "shell". If your baby is allergic to apples, peaches, nectarines, or cherries, however, it can eat cooked, because cooking denatures their proteins allergenic.
And of course, we follow the advice of the pediatrician.

Source: Infant and toddler. Practical realization. A Bocquet et al. Archives of Pediatrics, 10, 76-81, 2003.

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