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Taste: mistakes not to make

Taste: mistakes not to make

Packets of cakes, sweets, biscuits or can be found
easily in the carriage at the races, yet industrial products
designed for taste can be a real hazard. And yes, they
are often too fat and too sweet. Even if they are part
of the small pleasures to enjoy from time to time,
it is better to avoid them. Now,
some brands offer mini-cakes "homemade" format,
very convenient to slip into cartable.Même if you lack the time,
 do not give your child a snack that has only one food.
It is important to prepare his "4:00" carefully as you can for breakfast ... sodas are reduced teatime. Indeed, the water must remain the favorite drink. Book sugary drinks for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Prefer to drink dairy products that can be found on the shelves of fresh hypermarchés.Evitez taste too rich, or drags. Your little one may not be hungry at dinner time and to ignore his vegetables, meat or fish ... important foods. And avoids snacks called "salted" with chips or cheese snacks, it is full of bad calories assuré.Ne especially not remove the "4:00" Children who are overweight. If the rules of good taste are met, there is no reason that promotes obesity. Rather, it structures the diet of children, which is not the case of snacking is really to ban ...
Article updated October 25, 2012

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