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How to succeed my baby's room?


To feel reassured, at the exit of motherhood, when you return to your home, nothing better than to review safety rules to follow.This exercise will be much easier than you previously adapted to the baby's room a few constraints.

Prevent falls

Frequent accidents are due to falls: how to avoid?

On the changing table, always hold the baby with
 one hand even when a month: it is often more toned
 than we imagine!
Do not place furniture on or near a window.

If the window is low, be cut to measure one Plexiglas
 that you will set on each side of the window.

Keep out of reach of potentially dangerous objects

As soon as possible, say and repeat your baby does not touch the plug,
 do not pull on the son, not to push the thermometer in the mouth ...
 but he will not understand it now!

Meanwhile this happy moment,
 simplify your life by taking some precautions! Short list:
-If the sockets are not secure, put outlet covers.
-Choose furniture with rounded edges and preferably
 in softer materials than metal.
-In case of corners, put plastic protective corners.
Raise the son-electrical lamps, to avoid being at its height.
Put-away from drugs and toiletries.

Secure his sleep

They are called sleeping bag or sleeping bag. 
There is nothing better for the night: they prevent your baby to discover
 and especially avoid the risk of choking.
Wait until it is greater for duvets and blankets!

Renew the air in the room

Remember to open the window as soon as possible to renew the air in the room.
Regularly wash curtains and curtain cradle, if you have opted for sleeping.

Do not heat too: the recommended temperature for the night is 19 ° c.

Limit lint in bed

We find adorable in a cot, but they are also dust traps.
 Therefore made ​​a small selection of plush and stuffed animals near baby.
Remember to wash regularly.

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