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What milk for my kid?

What milk for my kid?

When to start the second age milk? What milk "acidified"? Until what age give milk to baby? It is to these questions but also many others that we have responded to allow you to see more clearly in the complex world of infant formula.

Infant milk

Infant milk, infant formula, milk infancy, milk comfort ... Difficult to navigate. For you, we reported on the different infant formula.

The formula

It is classified according to the age and needs of baby

Milk first age

For children from 0 to 6 months.
The composition of milk early age tends to be closer to that of breast milk, including low protein content (1.2 g/100 ml).

Milk second age

Also called "follow-on milk", it is intended for children between 6 and 12 months.
The age composition of milk and second growth adapts to the physiological needs of children.

Growing up milk

Use ideally up to 3 years.
It is important to enforce the use of infant growth and not to give cow's milk too early classic. It is not fortified with vitamins and iron source deficiency in young children.

Good to know

Within the same category, compositional differences between the marks are minimal and you can choose a different brand from that of motherhood.
Attention, never change milk category without consulting your doctor.
Composition of infant formula
Infant formula is made from cow's milk, transformed to adapt to the physiology of infants. Animal fat is replaced by vegetable fats rich in essential fatty acids, essential for brain development.
Salt levels are reduced to match the capabilities of removing small kidneys. Milks are fortified with trace elements and vitamins. The vitamin D present in milk is absorbed poorly and supplement shall be given to the baby.
Milks are often fortified with probiotics or prebiotics, thus altering the intestinal flora to be closer to that induced by breastfeeding. Their earnings reduce episodes of gastroenteritis and improve comfort by reducing intestinal colic and flatulence.

Should choose organic milk?

The manufacture of infant formula obeys strict regulations in terms of livestock traceability and selection of components.
Organic milks are made from cows from organic agriculture. They are manufactured to the same safety requirements.
You have the choice between conventional milk and organic milk, depending on your beliefs.

However, except in cases of severe allergy, pediatricians do not recommend using the plant milks (soy, rice, almond), goat or donkey, because their composition does not cover the nutritional needs of the newborn.

How to choose baby milk?

What milk for every child?

For a baby born at term ((between 37 and 41 SA), after a normal pregnancy, milk early age "classic" and ideal. You may have to change the following reactions observed (colic, constipation ...).
If the family history of allergy (eczema, asthma ..) milk "hypoallergenic" is preferred. It is a milk donations are partially hydrolyzed proteins (ie broken into small molecules), which reduces their allergenicity.
Milk "protein-free milk cow" has undergone hydrolysis greater. It is reserved for children allergic to milk protein allergy or if this type in siblings or parents.
Milk "comfort" or "digest" is enriched with potato starch or corn. It is given in the small ski milk or if baby has trouble being satisfied. These milks can cause constipation baby.
Milk "anti-regurgitation" is indicated in cases of gastro-oesophageal reflux proved. Enriched with carob, it is thicker which prevents regurgitation.
Milk "pre" is rich in protein, essential fatty acids and triglycerides. It is suitable for children of low weight for their age or born prematurely.
Milk "lactose free" is reserved for children with lactose intolerance. They are also recommended in case of colic.
Milk "acidified" is enriched with lactic acid that increase the digestibility and help reduce bloating and colic. It is also indicated in cases of constipation.

When to give milk to my baby?

We must never stop giving milk to your child, it is an essential nutrient for growth. The transition to cow's milk is usually done cautiously from baby's first birthday.

If your child gets tired of the bottle, offer her milk bowl. For children who drink little milk, complete with dairy products.

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