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Decorating ideas baby room

Have fun with the decor!

Decorating the baby's room is an area where you can give free rein to his tastes and his creativity as well enjoy it!
Here are some ideas to get started.

Give a style to the room

A baby's room should obviously be convenient, but it can also be stylish!

Romantic, contemporary, exotic, ocean ... What style do you prefer? That's a question for you before starting to decorate the room of your little one!

Sort sleeping bag, sheet and crib bumper

A simple idea and easy, which immediately gives the chic baby room: choose the same theme for the sleeping bag, the sheet and the bumper.

Opt for a room colorful and dynamic

The bright colors immediately give a cheerful and energetic in the room. Ideal for day and waking baby, this choice is more risky for endormisssement. Then think to put a pilot in order to soften the colors for the night.

Prefer a room immaculate and relaxing

Shades of beige and white, soft and soothing, create an atmosphere conducive to sleep at an age where the child sleeps a lot.

Babies are especially lines and vivid colors in the case of a room almost achromatic, so it is important to boost the room by stuffed animals, toys or colorful lights.

Customize the room

If one is a bit manual, it is very enjoyable and rewarding to the child's room alone.
But be careful to think ahead, because some handicrafts are discouraged pregnant.
China is a dresser, a closet, and they are touting the repainted his taste choosing a theme, you have an idea of original decoration.
Interest: the baby room truly unique and does not cost much.

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