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Toys for children with disabilities

Baby has a movement disorder

Game balls to the small car, there are many toys that help babies with disabilities aware of their bodies and develop their motor skills while having fun!
Your child has a developmental delay or motor difficulties to move, this selection is made for him! 0 to 1 anBracelets élastiquesCe set of 4 colored rings pin is ideal for water games (throws, trips). Easy to handle, these circles are twisted in all directions. Accessories for play in the pool or bath with your hands or pieds.Aku ring Ludilhand, 15 € in relaxerBébé will quickly adopt this pet. In addition to its friendly appearance, the insect has a true moment of relaxation thanks to its system to modulate vibration. Pitchoun becomes aware of his body, feeling the little beast to move. Another approach to massages.L bee masseuse Hop'Toys, € 9.95 Bowls on banquiseAvec penguin roly, toddlers will enjoy sitting or standing. Animal baby pushes with her feet and handcuffs, and thanks to the balance system, the colored balls began to twirl. All music! Penguin ball, Fisher-Price, € 22 From 1-2 ansBoule extraterrestreVotre child will surely be fascinated by this strange ball. Recommended for Tiny Tots with motor impairments, this toy can be manipulated with one hand grabbing one of the "pipes" colorés.Balle arc-en-ciel, Ludilhand, € 4.60 Travel Pitchoun was so small pasEt a stroll back turtle? Through a unique process, the animal alone advance to the rhythm of tilting the body of the child. A fun way for children to move mobility réduite.Tortue rocking Hop'Toys, € 44.95 Let the music play! Console This game evolves with Baby. First picture of activity, it becomes a totem dance once Pitchoun standing. Program karaoke, dancing and singing to solicit his body. And to help keep her gams on the game is equipped with large poignées.Tap Tap Totem, V-Tech, 50 € From 2 to 3 ansChevauchée fantastiqueSur the principle of rocking horse, introduce your child to the thrill of a pony rides while staying at home. Stability is ensured, especially since you can more or less inflated toy based on the weight of the small cavalier.Rody, Ludilhand, 22 € pédalesA machine halfway between kart and bike, vehicle transport effortless Pitchoun. To move forward, just put pressure on the handlebars with your hands or feet on the pedals, depending on the skill of the child. Magic! Swing Roller Hop'Toys, 130 € Ready, fire! Classic, this game requires not only the address but also coordination. It begins near the target younger then gently away. And no risk of injury with this puzzle box limp! Messes all-foam, Fnac awakening and games, € 19.99

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