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Toys for children with disabilities

Handicapped baby, toys for him

Deafness, visual impairment, reduced mobility ... Whatever their disability, disabled babies grow and learn through play. Must still provide them with appropriate games ... Writing Infobébés fun moments are essential to developing babies. Amidst stuffed animals and toys awakening, they discover their bodies and the world around them. This applies even for babies with disabilities: their own way, they exploit their senses and try to compensate for their shortcomings, especially during jeux.Mais for parents, the task is far from obvious. Not easy to choose a toy beneficial and fun for baby without the difficulty to deal with the disorder. If your baby is discouraged, the game loses its interest ...

Made to measure

Still little known, but present, websites and stores (Hop'toys, Ludilhand, Fnac awakening and games ...) provide suitable toys for children with disabilities. You just have to choose the product depending on the condition of your little one. Attractive colors, different sounds, easier handling, interactivity materials to touch, to smell smells ... everything is designed to stimulate the senses of your little one. Note that these playthings "custom" are not exclusively for small disabled: all babies can enjoy! Safety side, do not worry, all these games of course meet European standards and are tested before on the field, professionals in contact with children.

And the "classics"?

Traditional games are not overlooked. Many may agree to a handicapped child, provided you take some control précautions.Pensez age indicated, not always reliable, however, depending on the capabilities of your child. Muriel made ​​the experience: "My 3 year old daughter still plays with toys when she was offered a year. Each year it receives new, but many do not meet their needs. "For babies deficient careful not to fall into the object" intensive rehabilitation ", particularly if Pitchoun is already supported by a thérapeute.Vous please? Opt for values: soft toys, stuffed animals, pictures of activities and play mat. Necessarily baby will find his account!

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