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Mom .. Dad .. Followed the stages of kids development

Mom .. Dad .. Followed the stages of kids development

When to sit, when to stand, when walking when begins to speak .. Brief guide to kids development.

That the first period of evolution of the child, is from the moment of his birth until the year, then comes the second stage of development of the child, and put it in the world of children and preparation for the world of adults.

Start the second stage of development of the generation born in and will continue until almost five years of age. Boy do things then as adults. Of course, taking into account the constraints of being still a boy. Acquires the boy in this generation, confidence in completing a few tasks alone. In fact, child develops at this age to the extent of common life, not only with the people who accompanied him since his birth, no family, but also with the boys his age, the children he meets in the nursery, in the neighborhood and the stadium.

That in spite of the evolution of the boy divided according to generation, in months, but must take into account that the process of evolution is not absolute, and can occur at a more advanced stage, and sometimes at a later stage than usual. Parents should worry when the difference between the rate of development of the child and average rate of evolution, is the difference months. Parents must then go with the child to examine evolution.

Boy learns to generation of one year, crawl, sit, stand, walk when holding something prevents him from falling, constipation different things, say the clips and words first and understand a lot of words.
Continue development in early childhood, in areas in which the evolution of the boy when he was a child in the first year.

Language development: boy learns at the age of one year to a year and a half, the pronunciation of a few words and linking words together, and especially when it is one of the words is a mom or dad. At the age of almost a year and a half start by saying the names of items of clothing, body parts, figures that are known. Then it becomes the generation two to three years, knows linking three words together, saying his full name and know the meaning of relevant characters, of course, of course, as he understood it as a boy. In the generation between three to five years came the final phase of a development, then the child should be able to speak fluently. However, it is often stutter to speak and be a repetition of words, especially when it is enthusiastic and wants to talk about something that happened to him or felt.

Can born in a generation that walks kinetic terms, when you stick a piece of furniture that would prevent him from falling. Begins with time, rotate the head back when you walk or pick up things while walking. In a generation and a half years must buy shoes so as not to walk barefoot. In a generation and a half years to two years starts running, climbing up and down the stairs and play games in stadiums. In a two-generation can be taught riding a bicycle with three wheels and left wearing his clothes himself. From the age of three years, it develops movement skills for an adult, with restrictions for being a boy. Can ride a bike with wheels attribution, building things in the play and play ball.

Develops in the period between the ages of 1-5 years also thinking. Boy learns to divide the world into groups (animals, toys, people, etc.), the things with the help of crying, saying, eating alone, control the toilet and to answer questions. Also, develops has imagination and memory. Term boy I know, as a body first, but do not realize that what pains him hurts others, too, and followed the others followed him.

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