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Good taste, what is it?

The recipe for a balanced snack
Taste: a real need

No way to ignore the taste, professional
early childhood is considered essential to the nutritional needs of children.
It must also provide a contribution in protein, calcium,
 vitamins ... that are necessary for the growth of toddlers.
 The famous "4:00" also allows them to recover and
 to keep all their energy until dinner time.

The perfect snack: Evidence from three

IIdéalement a good snack should contain three main components between a dairy, cereals and fruit. These are indisputable advantages for a balanced snack every day to offer her child.

 -A dairy product:

 yogurt white cheese or just cheese is to taste. Growing up, your child may be tempted to abandon this "tradition" of milk. Yet it remains essential for teatime. It is still a source of calcium necessary for its development.

-A cereal product: 

a slice of bread, with two or three squares of chocolate, honey, butter, jam ... This is not the time to look sophisticated products. This cereal snacks provide energy and vitamins for children.

- A fruit:

 the indisputable source of fiber and vitamins. For a pleasant change, it may be replaced by a compote or a glass of fruit juice.

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