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The baby weight by month

The baby weight by month:

Baby just arrived and the stage of weighing is already part of your daily life. Very important passage on the scale to control the weight of your little one. So baby is there enough weight or on the contrary, he is too much? Is it in line with the corpulence curves? Our point by month.

Baby weight at birth

At birth, each baby is different. Whether it is a girl or a boy, there is of course not a birth weight standard. In contrast, the mean birth weight is about 3.3 kg.
From his birth to his first month, your loulou feeds exclusively on milk, breast or artificial. If breastfed baby tends to suck 8 to 12 times per day. Bottle, meals are usually six in number, from 90g to 120g each.

Baby weight at 1 month

Average weight of baby 1 month : between 3.7 and 4 pounds
- Boy: between 3kg (min) and 5 kg (max)
- Girl: between 2.8 kg (min) and 4.6 kg (max)
A 1 month baby has already taken its first programs. He continues to eat as he was since his birth, with about 6 bottles a day. You feed him the breast or bottle, do not rush meals! Take your time during feeding, but also facilitate the digestion of your baby.

Baby weight at 2 months

Average weight of the baby 2 months: between 4.6 and 4, 9 pounds
- Boy: between 3.7 (min) and 5.9 kg (max.)
- Girl: between 3.7 (min) and 5.5 kg (max.)
It is possible that your baby has problems during digestion. If regurgitation and vomiting are common in infants, monitor them closely as they could be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux. If in doubt, do not hesitate to talk with your doctor.

Baby weight at 3 months

Average weight of the baby 3 months: between 5.5 and 5.8 kg
- Boy: between 4.5 kg (min) and 6.9 kg (max)
- Girl: between 4.3 kg (min) and 6.3 kg (max)
During its third month, Baby continues to feed from May to June or bottle feedings of 180 grams per day. In one month, it must have taken a small kilo, or about 25 grams per day. If this is not the case, do not worry, the main thing is that the baby's weight gain since birth is constant. If in doubt, do not hesitate to talk to your pediatrician.

Baby weight at 4 months

Average weight of the baby 4 months: between 6 and 6.5 kg
- Boy: between 5.1 kg (min) and 7.7 kg (max.)
- Girl: between 4.7 kg (min) and 7.3 kg (max.)
Between the 4 and 6 months, baby should gain about 20 grams per day (on average). If your baby is exclusively breastfed, he may have to suck a little less and therefore take a little less weight. The bottle-fed babies pass them on to 4 or 5 meals per day, 200 grams each. From 4 months Baby, you can start to introduce small touches new foods in your child's diet (a little broth for example). Note however: dietary diversification is an important step that must be undertaken on the advice of your pediatrician, not before!

Baby weight at 5 months

Average weight baby 5 months: between 6.5 and 7.1 kg
- Boy: between 5.5 kg (min) and 8.5 kg (max)
- Girl: between 5kg (min.) and 8kg (max)
If your loulou is bottle fed, he can now move on to milk the second age. If you find he does not eat as much as he should or not, it still seems hungry, do not hesitate to talk with your pediatrician. It can advise you. Just know that each child has their own needs and it is quite normal that they still do not stick perfectly to medium data generally. Generally arrived at 5 months baby has doubled his birth weight.

Baby weight at 6 months

Average weight of the baby 6 months: 7.4 kg
- Boy: 6kg between (min) and 9.1 kg (max)
- Girl: between 5.5 kg (min) and 8.3 kg max
In just one year, your loulou take about 6.5 pounds and 25 inches. Its 6 months its one year, your child should take about 12g per day. Of course, these figures are only average. The goal as a mom is not having the eye on the scale, but to enjoy with baby sweet moments are his meals.

Baby weight at 7 months

Average weight of the baby of 7 months: 7.9 kg
- Boy: between 6.8 kg (min) and 9.8 kg (max)
- Girl: 6kg between (min) and 9 kg (max)
At seven months, your child needs about 700 kcal per day, or 100 kcal more than between the 3 and 6 months. It should take about 500 grams compared to last month, or 15 grams per day until its 9 months. Explanation: Your baby is becoming more active and need more energy to overcome the new milestones of his awakening and development.

Baby weight at 8 months

Average weight of the baby of 8 months: 8.2 kg
- Boy: between 7 kg (min) and 10.5 kg (max)
- Girl: 6.5 kg (min) and 10.5 kg (max)
This month, your baby should also be about 500 grams. It is not "the nails", he eats less than usual? Lack of appetite can be caused by a virus such as influenza, measles, chickenpox, etc.. However, it can also be caused by an intolerance or allergy to a food. If you find that loulou therefore seems less greedy than usual, be sure to identify the cause of this lack of appetite and do not hesitate to talk with your doctor.

Baby weight at 9 months

Average weight of the baby 9 months: 8.7 kg
- Boy: 7.5 kg (min) and 11.5 kg (max)
- Girl: between 7 kg (min) and 11 kg (max)
This month again, your loulou should take a little more than 500 grams. Note: weight problems can begin in early childhood. Be sure to properly monitor the girth of your child (but not excessive) and give him his early months, good habits. Among them: avoid snacking, eating meals with the family, eating to feed themselves and not by greed or to please mom ...

Baby weight at 10 months:

Average weight of the baby 10 months: 9 kg
- Boy: between 8 kg (min) and 11.5 kg (max)
- Girl: between 7 kg (min) and 11.5 kg (max)
At 10 months, the baby's weight gain is less important. To its one-year baby should gain about 10 grams per day and the balance is expected to show that some 300 grams more this month! Between the 8th and 12th months baby, it is possible that your loulou sulk a little at meals. Milk second age he really likes and he tends to reject bottles that you offer. However, as your baby's diet is not completely diverse, these bottles are important to provide your baby with the energy it needs. Why not try to give your little one his milk in a sippy cup or occasionally add a little cocoa in a bottle (however sparingly!).

Baby weight at 11 months:

Average weight of the baby 11 months: 9.2 kg
- Boy: between 8.5 kg (min) and 12 kg (max)
- Girl: 7.5 kg (min) and 12 kg (max)
Your baby is growing less and therefore logically takes less weight. During the 11th month should therefore weigh more than 250 grams, but three times his birth weight! It is possible that your child begins to systematically denied food. This refusal may be a symptom of a food allergy. Other elements are indicative of this type of disorders such as skin problems (eczema, dry skin), respiratory disorders such as asthma, rhinitis or digestive problems such as vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain. If symptoms develop, consult your pediatrician to pass tests confirming or refuting the assumed allergies.

Baby weight at 12 months

Average weight of the baby 12 months: 9.6 kg
Weight gain baby continues to slow. If its between 10 and 12 months, it took about 10 grams per day, from his one year and until their two years, it should take more than 8 grams per day. This curve will also decrescendo until 5 years baby where it will take more than 5 grams per day.
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Baby weight: the importance of the BMI curve
It is thanks to corpulence curves that you can actually make the weight of baby. The body mass index is calculated by dividing the weight of your baby by their height squared (BMI = weight / height ²). 

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