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How your baby laugh

How your baby laugh

When your baby laugh, it makes you one of his greatest gifts. Filled with happiness, you play with him to make him laugh again and again. For your baby to flourish, humor is important. Help him by playing with him!

At first, between four and eight months, your baby's first laugh when stimulates appear. Social laughter appear later to ten to twelve months and spontaneously.

Some babies laugh naturally, while others are more reserved. Let yourself go, do not hesitate to make the clown for your baby, because laughter keeps tenderness. Physical contact and tactile moms know well, are good means of communication including your baby to make people laugh.

Whether your baby is a natural than or not he should be well rested for leaving. To make laughing small tickle baby's neck are essential, as well as your hands playing with puppets or "little beast that comes." Another variant: shake your hands or a puppet before him.

After more than a laugh you can bet that these tensions are eased and after a moment of calm and tender, he will easily sleep at nap time or night.

Your baby will have fun as your facial expressions or your sound effects.
Race fours in pursuit baby will not fail to make him laugh too.

The stories of your childhood rhymes or small the funny songs will crack just like you. Better than a song played on your computer or on your stereo is when Mom or Dad sings that baby is the best in the game when you rub your nose on your baby's tummy for sure you will get a good laugh.

Take a comical approach, you will be immediately followed by the laughter of your baby. Baby love it when you are ridiculous. In summary, do not forget the child who is always in you and your baby will follow your jokes. Let him on the plane or riding in your arms. It will be the hero of a joyous cavalcade when it straddles your lap. Kisses all over and whispers in the ear are also irresistible.
Unleash your imagination, your baby will enjoy the bright eyes laughing. At home, you have everything it takes to make your baby laugh!

Play hide and seek behind a towel, behind a wall, and reappear: the games of repetitions delight toddlers and more to reassure maintain complicity.
Games in the bath water as blowing bubbles or small lapping delight baby fail.
Think of books where the images are fun funny as well for cartoons.
Play with your voice sounds repetitive with different voices where you switch and shrill voice. Imitate the sounds of animals such as frog jumping and croaking or cat snores.
Playing the battles of cushions, you slide both under the duvet and playing scare you more than you will get a laugh.
Ball games you play? Nothing like laughter to your baby!

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