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Organize your baby's room

Prepare the nursery of baby

Before the baby arrives, carefully prepare the room in which it will spend most of his time without forgetting some important details.

You need to choose the different materials, pay attention to the wiring that absolutely must be standards, windows are properly isolate the noise, heat and cold, or the choice of the type of heating that should not be dangerous baby ... This is the first step and a very important step, because when taken seriously, it avoids many accidents.

You will find in this section, the different types of coatings for floors and walls of the nursery and all the safety advice in order to accommodate the baby in the best conditions.

the soil

More than in any room, the choice of flooring for the baby's room is important. It must be comfortable enough for your child spends a lot of time on the ground in the early years of his life. The coating selected should also be perfectly healthy baby: it must be easy to clean, with no risk to the health of your child. Our blog kids guide you in choosing the coating and help you to choose between five types of soil:

The parquet:

Very attractive and durable, the floor is easy to clean and does not retain dust, thus limiting the risk of allergies.
Combining comfort and softness, the carpet is a coating suitable for baby's room provided to opt for a healthy and easily washable.
Natural soil:
Resistant, insulation, antibacterial and aesthetic, natural flooring are very popular and can suit a baby's room.
Laminated floors:
There are now some very fine plastic floors. Coating which has major advantages: easy to install, easy to maintain and above all economic.
As esy to maintain as laminate floor, tile wants relatively expensive and can be dangerous if dropped ...


The choice of the walls of the baby room is one of the first things to think parents. Indeed, the supply is more important, you have the choice between several types of coatings. our blog kids-cute in this section will give you some tips to help you make the right choice.

Despite the fact that the painting is hard work it is coated with a flexibility that can be applied on any type of media
Speed ​​and ease of installation, wallpapers can be very decorative are ideal for covering walls or any part thereof cis-
Other wall coverings:
Plaster, paneling, wall fabric or other siding, do not forget that you are not limited to paint and wallpaper. Innovate and create an original in the baby's room.
The frieze:
To decorate the walls of the baby's room, you can put a nice frieze, the choice will increasingly broad: paste frieze frieze carved frieze or fluorescent ... Have fun!
As friezes, stencils have a great decorative potential. They are found in all sizes and shapes in commerce but be aware that it can also create custom stencils.

Baseboards and frames

Baseboards help protect the bottom of the wall shocks and bad shots and fill any gaps between the floor and walls, frames are aesthetic finishes around windows and doors. Both finishes are primarily a function practical and technical, but know that they can also be decorative elements integral part of your child's room.

You can choose colors or materials that fit into the 
continuity of walls or floors, but you can also choose
 to settle with a new color that will look more worked
 the room, we find the same color in decorative
 accessories the room.

As for the general decoration of the room, opt for materials
 and paintings "sustainable" when choosing your finishing elements.

Wooden plinth are cheaper. Baseboards are usually standard tree, which can be painted to match the walls. In specialist (Leroy Merlin, Lapeyre, ...), you can also find skirting oak or maple (from 5 euros per linear meter), which are oiled or varnished and must be accompanied by the prosecution. To prevent the plinth curling, it is preferable to apply the finish before installation on both sides.

Depending on the style, the skirt can be flat, chamfered or molded.

 If the walls are masonry, skirting boards can be nailed or screwed.
 If they are hollow or gypsum must nailing. If the wall contains electric
 cables or pipes, baseboards be bonded.
 (Please note   the type of glue you choose!)

If the floor of the room is covered with laminate flooring or parquet,
 you can choose MDF or veneered plinths. Simple to install,
 they are available in the same colors as the floors. Ikea sells lots of wall clips.

In a room in classic style (Haussmann apartment, etc.)., Baseboards plaster may be attached to the ceiling moldings. For traditional rooms, baseboards and frames are matched to the flooring: natural wood parquet for raw wood parquet white painted white

The plinth can also be used to hide wiring. We can then choose white PVC skirting to paint the same color as the wall or a different color.

Another option is to put stickers on your baseboards in order to cover, in addition to the ease of installation and time saving that provide these stickers, they are very original and decorative coatings.

If you opt for these stickers, Wall Art offers colorful stickers and motifs appropriate to the child's universe: rocks, flowers, grass, dragees, forest, and even pasta or pepper, or graphic patterns suitable for more contemporary decor. These stickers adapt very well to the parts which the flooring is made of a plastic floor - there is also the basis of the lino stones - and the walls are painted plain (white, blue, green to avoid overloading colors).

Consider creating a world around a theme, decorate the 
room with stickers or strips to match the colors of the room.
 But be careful not to overload decoration, the room must
 remain a serene universe in which baby likes to be.

And do not forget an essential thing: the room must be prepared several months before the birth so that odors of different substances used (adhesives, paints) can disappear. Generally used to glue the skirting is particularly strong and toxic ventilation of the room is needed for several weeks before welcoming baby!

Idea for a girl's room:

Paint two walls purple or pink icing, two white walls, choose a natural flooring seagrass types and paint baseboards and frames in silver. Furnish the room with white furniture or natural and accessorize the room with pillows or an ottoman silver, with handles and fixtures and metallic gray with silver other accessories.

Result: a very nice room for a little princess!

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