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Breakfast an important meal for children

The most important meal of the day, breakfast
 is still yet forgotten in 7% of 3-5 years.
 A figure that proves that the message has not yet been fully
 passed despite information campaigns
 of the Ministry of Health on the importance
 of a full breakfast and balanced.

Why eat breakfast?

Health professionals advise to offer her child, regardless of age, complet.Ce breakfast meal, the first day, breaking a period of fasting from 10h to 13h depending on the age of the child . During the night, the body burns about 600 calories and child, growing needs forces.Il resume has been proven that without breakfast, fat consumption during other meals of the day is higher than normal. Indeed, at 10 am, the pump stroke happens and snacking too. This behavior can ultimately lead to weight gain. Several studies have also related breakfast, cognitive performance and capacity creation. These are diminished because of the absence or inadequacy of a first meal. The same observations were made for mental arithmetic, performing simple operations or storage efforts.
The breakfast meal is essential for the body and mind.

A balanced meal

To avoid the munchies at 10 am, nothing beats a full breakfast with a few essential components:

- 1 dairy: 

Milk, yogurt or cheese. It provides protein, calcium, vitamin A, B2 and D. You can offer to complete the yogurt, honey or chocolate powder in milk.

- 1 cereal product:

bread, toast or cereal. Carbohydrate-rich grains contain vitamins, minerals and iron. They can be consumed in addition to the dairy or in the bowl of milk or cheese for example. Better choose cereal as muesli, less sweet.

- 1 hot or cold drink 

to rehydrate the body. The traditional bowl of milk can be taken warm or cold according to taste. The largest, into adolescence, can discover the sweetness of tea in the morning. Consuming low dose, it remains one of the most valuable hot drinks to start a new day.

- 1 fresh fruit, drink pure juice or applesauce

to balance the meal and provide necessary minerals. To leave the hubcaps, nothing beats the fruits to make plenty of vitamins. If you can, squeeze them a pure fresh juice in the morning, they ask for more!

The breakfast covers 20-25% of daily energy intake   

combining simple carbohydrates, and protein complexes. It is low in fat and helps cover needs calcium, iron and vitamins. With this energy and nutrient intake, the body will be able to meet its needs and your child avoid fatigue and decrease tension.

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