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My child wets the bed, how to get out?

My child wets the bed, how to get out?

Bedwetting, it's annoying, but it is common. Then they tell you all: why, how, and especially that deal with bedwetting to your child!

, Bedwetting is boring and many kids (and moms) are affected by the problem. The statistics prove it:
From 3 years old, girls are more likely than boys to succeed in an overnight dry. Yet 15-20% of children 5 to 6 years are still wetting the bed at night and 8-12% of children over 5 years still wet the bed regularly ... at the age of 15 years, there account for only 2% of children still suffering from this disorder. This concerns plaguing the morning mothers and children night ended, however, always be resolved.

Why does my child have bedwetting?

We distinguish primary enuresis in a child who had never been clean and affecting more than 400,000 children between 5 and 10 years, secondary enuresis involving children have been own the night for at least 6 months before remake of bedwetting

Several causes can explain these nocturnal leakage:
• The first factor comes from parental background. Indeed, it has been shown that in most cases, at least one parent of the child who is struggling to stop peeing the bed itself has been in a similar situation. When both parents had a problem of bedwetting, the child has 77% chance of being affected too.
• Bedwetting is not necessarily psychological in origin, as is often thought, the night decreased secretion of antidiuretic hormone that normally prevents nocturnal emissions is also involved.
• The nervous system of children may not be mature enough to control contractions of the bladder, especially at night, in this case, patience is the only cure!
• Some children, anxious afraid to stand alone in the dark and still prefer bedwetting.
• They can dream as they go to the toilet (it happened to us all!)
• Finally, some suffer "only" have a sleep so deep that they are not awakened by the urge to urinate ... and that's bedwetting!

How to deal with the problem of bedwetting?

Faced with enuresis every mother seeks the right attitude. Should an accident or trivialize the contrary should scold her child. Or would it be better for him to feel involved and thus participate in removing the sheets and washing them? Mothers are all different and their reactions too! We just need to keep in mind that bedwetting is completely unaware of the part of the child. It is wrong to say that "on purpose" of bedwetting as we sometimes hear.

Bedwetting: When to worry?

After 6 years, bedwetting is nothing special and it is important to remain calm and patient. In psychiatry, we do not care if enuresis in children less than 7 years who still wets the bed.

In the case of a child who has been clean for a long time before re-wetting the bed or a child who has leak urinairesdans day, the pediatric consultation is necessary then to detect a possible medical problem ..

From 11 years, treatment is needed and psychotherapeutic sometimes becomes really nécessaire.Il same applies when bedwetting is a real handicap or discomfort to the child or adolescent. So, growing up, most of these children avoid going to sleep outside in eux.Cela can even become problematic when going to camp or class discoveries.

Our solutions if bedwetting?

The most important is certainly happen to involve her child without humiliating. Make him understand that there is nothing to do but to participate in the care of his bedwetting without that happening to him for punishment.

To help your child overcome the problem of bedwetting, here are some simple things to implement:


• After snack time, ask him to drink as little as possible ... but do not miss out alcohol completely, it is unnecessary and harmful to his health!
• Do not offer him soup for dinner!
• Offer your child to always go to the toilet just before going to bed and create thus a ritual.

In the morning

• The night was dry? develop your child, praise the. Remember as you are ecstatic at his first pee in the pot and how it shone so ... keep going!
• In case of an "accident", involve the participation and made asking him to help you change the sheets again and a clean bed.
• Create a small calendar with him "the weather bedwetting" the night was dry, he draws a sun in the box corresponding day, the night was damp a rain cloud ... What a joy see, over weeks and months, the calendar filled with much more sun and less rain! This allows him to see that his efforts are bearing fruit and soon, all these pipis in bed will only ancient history ... And there are even versions to meet online!
• Encourage showing him that you give more importance to its success in the acquisition of clean laundry that problem, so you give him more confidence.

• And to simplify your life, anticipate leakage night with:
- The pot near the pilot
- A light left on if your child needs to stand alone
- A waterproof mattress protection
- A spare pajamas
- A towel near the bed
- If your child goes to camp or spend the night at a friend's, provide little treatment in nasal spray.
- And a good washing machine!

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