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The ideal breakfast for my child balanced and tasty

Breakfast is essential for the meal to start the day!

Breakfast age by age

4 to 6 years

the child needs 1400 calories per day, and 7 to 9 years old, he needs 1900 calories per day, "says Magali Nadjarian, dietician.

For children age three

the absence of a bowl, a bottle of 250 ml of cow's milk, semi-skimmed, whole or enriched milk growth is quite suitable. To this is added 50 g of grain: they provide much of the energy needed for the morning, calcium and minimal fat. And the menu is full, add a glass of fruit juice and fruit. "Little bowl of milk can also be replaced by a yogurt, a small Swiss 60 g or 30 g of two, three tablespoons of cheese or 30 g cheese (camembert type) "Magali Nadjarian offers.

For 6-12 year olds

55 % de l’énergie doit être fournie dans la première partie de la journée car l’assimilation est meilleure.

Cereals ready

effectively contribute to the nutritional needs of the child and adolescent. Recent and growing tend to sulk when a dairy intake 1200 mg of calcium per day is recommended. The grains are then a good way to promote their consumption. But some of them may also contain significant levels of sugar.

Madeleines, pastries and other chocolate bread

too fat, are also to be avoided. As for bread and butter, rich in fat, they are consumed in moderation: one or two slices of bread with age. "A small single serving of 10 g of butter spread is sufficient for vitamin A for good vision. Jam is a fun food that does not contain sugar that because vitamin C fruit original was destroyed in cooking, the amount should be limited, "advises Magali Nadjarian, adding that" honey is composed of simple carbohydrates and the large amount of fructose is a mild laxative. "
Finally for the fruit juice, the dietician recommends choosing those "no added sugar" or better yet squeeze oranges, "provided drink the juice immediately after pressure because vitamin C is destroyed in light." A book for lovers in a hurry.

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