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Dangerous games: why children do they risk?

Dangerous games: why children do they risk?

Choking Game, Game tomato, Hangman ... No child is safe and most under 10 ignore the sometimes tragic consequences of these dangerous games. If you hesitate to directly address the subject with a little, other prevention methods, such as teaching him the respect of his body, exist. Advice.

New sensations

These "games", practiced in a group or alone, have something secret. While many of our children know, few people talk about. They feel that games are not allowed. Even if they do not necessarily perceive the dangers.

What a child will find in these games? New sensations and amazing. He discovers that he can have an effect on his body, change its state, eg by stopping breathing. He feels a sense of omnipotence. Initially, he tried the experiment by curiosity alone or in groups, with the desire to share the game with others.

Too young to be aware of the risks

Group, there is an emulation of the order of "you're not heading" These games seem to attract especially boys: they are in confrontation with each other, in a kind of omnipotence. But some girls may also want to be in force and risk taking.

Most children under 10 years do not measure the danger of these games. When at one point the situation eludes them, they are totally surprised by the serious consequences that gambling can cause.

A 7 or 8 years, many children still think that always wakes, that death is not irreversible. Some children more anxious, stop time because they are afraid. But not all.

No child is immune

These practices can affect any child. When you discover that your child has participated in a dangerous game, the first reaction, emotional, is still alive. It is important not to stop there. The yelling or scolding a child can enhance his behavior and confinement in this kind of practice.

Games that can lead to death

The danger is real: these games can lead to death. It should be particularly careful with children who practice these games alone - by locking themselves in the bathroom for example - because nobody is there to stop their actions. In any case, talk to the child to try to understand what is at stake for him is essential.

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