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Ideal Weight and Height Baby

Ideal Weight and Height Baby

Each state and territory has different standards in determining the baby's height and weight are ideal. Standardization of babies from Asia tend to be smaller than a baby is different from Europe or the United States.
baby's height and weight
the baby's weight

In accordance with the size standard of the Ministry of Health Indonesia, weight for age younger infants under three months is between 3.4 to 5.7 kg. As for the ideal baby height is about 40.5 to 60 cm.
baby's height and weight
                   the baby's weight

Then when the baby is stepping on the age of four to six months, the baby's ideal weight is 5 to 7.4 kg. For the ideal size height about 62.5 to 66 cm.

baby's height and weight
the baby's weight

After the baby is entering the age of seven to nine months, the baby's weight rose to around 8 to 8.9 kg. Similarly, the height of the baby who also had added a 67.5 to 70, 5 cm.

baby's height and weight
the baby's weight
While infants whose age has been stepping up to ten months a year ideal weight is between 9.3 to 9.9 kg. As for his height reached a size between 72 to 74.5 cm. And the growing age of the baby, the weight and height measures alsocontinues to grow.

baby's height and weight
                    the baby's height
However, the ideal size of the baby's weight and height baby is not absolute, as there are several factors that influence the growth of the size of baby's weight and height. One such factor is the condition of the baby's parents. If they have a larger body size and height, it is possible that the baby's weight is also morethan her parents babies thinner.
baby's height and weight
baby's weight and height
Besides the factors of nutrition and healthy food also affects the growth of the baby's weight and height measures. The better supply of nutrients coming in, the baby's weight and height can also be the better and ideal.

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